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Attempts At Consecutive Grand National Wins

2016 Many Clouds (Oliver Sherwood) 16th 8/1Jf
2012 Ballabriggs (Jason Maguire) 6th-12/1
2011 Don’t Push It (Tony McCoy) 3rd-9/1
2010 Mon Mome (Aidan Coleman) Fell 26th-14/1
2009 Comply Or Die (Timmy Murphy) 2nd-14/1
2007 Numbersixvalverde (Niall Madden jnr) 6th-14/1
2006 Hedgehunter (Ruby Walsh) 2nd-5/1
2005 Amberleigh House (Graham Lee) 10th-16/1
2004 Monty’s Pass (Barry Geraghty) 4th-20/1
2003 Bindaree (Carl Llewellyn) 6th-25/1
2001 Papillon (Ruby Walsh) 4th-14/1
2000 Bobbyjo (Paul Carberry) 11th-12/1
1999 Earth Summit (Carl Llewellyn) 8th-16/1
1995 Minnehoma (Richard Dunwoody) Pulled Up 21st-11/1
1992 Seagram (Nigel Hawke) Pulled Up 27th-33/1
1991 Mr Frisk (Mr Marcus Armytage) Pulled Up 2nd Bechers-25/1
1987 West Tip (Richard Dunwoody) 4th-5/1
1986 Last Suspect (Hywell Davies) Pulled Up 18th-14/1
1985 Hallo Dandy (Graham Bradley) Fell 1st-14/1
1984 Corbiere (Ben de Haan) 3rd-16/1
1983 Grittar (Paul Barton) 5th-6/1
1982 Aldaniti (Bob Champion) Fell 1st-12/1
1980 Rubstic (Maurice Barnes) Fell The Chair-8/1
1975 Red Rum (Brian Fletcher) 2nd-7/2
1974 Red Rum (Brian Fletcher) WON-11/1
1972 Specify (Barry Brogan) 6th-22/1
1971 Gay Trip (Terry Biddlecombe) Fell 1st-8/1
1969 Red Alligator (Brian Fletcher) Fell 19th-13/2
1968 Foinavon (P Harvey) Brought Down 16th-66/1
1967 Anglo (Bobby Beasley) Pulled Up-100/8
1964 Ayala (David Nicholson) Fell-33/1
1963 Kilmore (Fred Winter) 6th-100/8
1962 Nicolaus Silver (Bobby Beasley) 7th-100/9
1961 Merryman II (Derek Ancil) 2nd-8/1
1959 Mr What (Tom Taaffe) 3rd-6/1
1957 E.S.B. (Dave Dick) 8th-20/1
1955 Royal Tan (Dave Dick) 12th-28/1
1951 Freebooter (Jimmy Power) Brought Down 2nd-10/1
1950 Russian Hero (Leo McMorrow) Fell 1st-22/1
1948 Caughoo (Eddie Dempsey) Pulled Up-28/1
1938 Royal Mail (Evan Williams) Pulled Up-100/8
1936 Reynoldstown (Mr Fulke Walwyn) WON-10/1
1935 Golden Miller (Gerry Wilson) Unseated Rider 11th-2/1
1933 Forbra (Tim Hamey) 6th-33/1
1932 Grakle (Mr Jack Fawcus) Refused-100/12
1931 Shaun Goilin (M Keogh) 6th-33/1
1930 Gregalach (Robert Everett) Fell 13th-100/6
1929 Tipperary Tim (Mr Billy Dutton) Fell-100/1
1928 Sprig (Ted Leader) Fell-100/7
1924 Sergeant Murphy (J Hogan jnr) 5th-100/6
1922 Shaun Spadah (Fred Rees) Fell 1st-100/8
1920 Poethlyn (Ernie Piggott) Fell 1st-3/1
1919 Poethlyn (Ernie Piggott) WON-11/4
1914 Covertcoat (Percy Woodland) Pulled Up-7/1
1912 Glenside (Mr H Usher) Fell 3rd-40/1
1911 Jenkinstown (Percy Woodland) Pulled Up-100/7
1909 Rubio (W Bissill) Fell Water Jump-20/1
1907 Ascetic’s Silver (Hon. Aubrey Hastings) 6th-7/1
1905 Moifaa (William Dollery) Fell 2nd Bechers-4/1
1900 Manifesto (George Williamson) 3rd-6/1
1897 The Soarer (Mr David Campbell) Fell 2nd Valentines-100/6
1896 Wild Man From Borneo (Mr Joseph Widger) Fell 4th-40/1
1895 Why Not (Mr E G Fenwick) 5th-50/1
1893 Father O’Flynn (Mr G B Milne) 6th-100/9
1891 Ilex (Arthur Nightingall) 3rd-5/1
1890 Frigate (Mr Tom Beasley) Fell-100/7
1888 Gamecock (Capt. Roddy Owen) 7th-20/1
1887 Old Joe (Mr Charles Cunningham) Fell-100/8
1886 Roquefort (Mr Edward Wilson) Fell-5/1
1884 Zoedone (Graf Charles Kinsky) 5th-100/7
1880 The Liberator (Mr Garrett Moore) 2nd-11/2
1877 Regal (James Jewitt) Fell-8/1
1876 Pathfinder (W Reeves) Pulled Up-100/6
1874 Disturbance (Joe Cannon) 6th-25/1
1873 Casse Tette (John Page) Pulled Up-10/1
1872 The Lamb (Mr Tom Pickernell) 4th-100/8
1871 The Colonel (George Stevens) 6th-8/1
1870 The Colonel (George Stevens) WON-7/2
1866 Alcibiade (Ben Land jnr) Fell-9/1
1865 Emblematic (George Stevens) 3rd-5/1
1861 Anatis (Mr Tom Pickernell) Fell-4/1
1859 Little Charley (T Burrows) Pulled Up-14/1
1857 Freetrader (George Stevens) Pulled Up-25/1
1854 Peter Simple (Charles Boyce) Pulled Up-12/1
1853 Miss Mowbray (Mr F Gordon) 2nd-5/1
1852 Abd-el-Kader (Denny Wynne) Pulled Up-9/1
1851 Abd-el-Kader (Tom Abbot) WON-7/1
1850 Peter Simple (Tom Cunningham) Pulled Up-5/1
1849 Chandler (Capt. Josey Little) 5th-dna
1848 Matthew (Denny Wynne) Brought Down-8/1
1847 Pioneer (Capt. Peel) 4th-15/1
1846 Cure-All (Mr William Loft) Pulled Up-16/1
1840 Lottery (Jem Mason) Fell Wall Obstacle-4/1
1838 The Duke (Capt. Becher) 3rd-2/1
1837 The Duke (Mr Henry Potts) WON-6/1