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Fatalities in the Grand National

Listed Below, In Reverse Chronological Order, Are The Names Of All The Brave Horses Which Have Sadly Lost Their Life Competing In The Grand National.

2012 Synchronised (Tony McCoy) Fell 1st Bechers-10/1 (Killed When Running Loose)
According To Pete (Harry Haynes) Brought Down 2nd Bechers-28/1
2011 Ornais (Nick Scholfield) Fell 4th-100/1
Dooney’s Gate (Mr Patrick Mullins) Fell 1st Bechers-50/1
2009 Hear The Echo (Davy Russell) Collapsed Run In-33/1
2008 McKelvey (Tom O’Brien) Fell 20th-25/1 (Killed When Running Loose)
2007 Graphic Approach (Paul Moloney) Fell 2nd Bechers-100/1 (Killed When Running Loose)
2006 Tyneandthyneagain (Peter Buchanan) Fell 1st-100/1 (Killed When Running Loose)
2003 Goguenard (Warren Marston) Brought Down 19th-28/1
2002 Manx Magic (Gerry Supple) Fell 20th-100/1
The Last Fling (Richard McGrath) Fell 2nd Canal Turn-40/1
1999 Eudipe (Tony McCoy) Fell 2nd Bechers-10/1
1998 Pashto (John Kavanagh) Fell 1st-100/1
Do Rightly (Paul Holley) Fell 4th-100/1
Griffins Bar (Glenn Tormey) Fell 5th-200/1
1997 Straight Talk (Joe Tizzard) Fell 14th-50/1
Smith’s Band (Richard Dunwoody) Fell 20th-12/1
1996 Rust Never Sleeps (Trevor Horgan) Pulled Up 13th-20/1
1991 Ballyhane (Declan Murphy) Placed 11th Collapsed Finish-22/1
1990 Roll A Joint (Simon McNeill) Fell 1st Canal Turn-28/1
Hungary Hur (Tommy Carmody) Pulled Up 19th-50/1
1989 Brown Trix (Mr David Pitcher) Fell 1st Bechers-300/1
Seeandem (Liam Cusack) Fell 1st Bechers-100/1
1987 Dark Ivy (Phil Tuck) Fell 1st Bechers-11/2
1984 Earthstopper (Richard Rowe) Placed 5th Collapsed Finish-33/1
1979 Kintai (Bryan Smart) Brought Down The Chair-100/1
Alverton (Jonjo O’Neill) Fell 2nd Bechers-13/2
1978 Rag Trade (Jonjo O’Neill) Pulled Up 2nd Bechers-8/1
1977 Winter Rain (Michael Dickinson) Fell 1st Bechers-16/1
Zeta’s Son (Mouse Morris) Fell Valentines Brook-18/1
1975 Land Lark (Graham Thorner) Fell The Chair-14/1
Beau Bob (Jeremy Glover) Fell 2nd Bechers-100/1
1973 Grey Sobrero (Bill Shoemark) Fell The Chair-25/1
1970 Racoon (David Mould) Fell 3rd-33/1
1967 Vulcano (Mr J Speid-Soote) Fell 3rd-40/1
1959 Henry Purcell (A C Keen) Fell 2nd Bechers-100/1
1954 Paris New York (M Roberts) Fell 4th-66/1
Legal Joy (Dave Dick) Fell 13th-33/1
Dominick’s Bar (Tim Moloney) Fell 18th-33/1
Coneyburrow (Pat Taaffe) Fell 28th-8/1
1952 Skouras (Mr R Keith) Fell 1st Bechers-66/1
1946 Symbole (W Redmond) Fell 1st Bechers-33/1
1936 Avenger (Fred Rimell) Fell 17th-10/3
1931 Swift Roland (Ted Leader) Fell 1st Bechers-28/1
Drin (Bill Speck) Fell Valentines Brook-20/1
1930 Derby Day II (Mr E V Stephenson) Fell-100/1
1929 Stort (T Chisman) Fell-200/1
1926 Lone Hand (T Morgan) Fell 2nd Bechers-66/1
1922 The Inca II (F Brookes) Fell 1st Bechers-100/1
Awbeg (Mr A Knowles) Fell Canal Turn-100/1
1907 Kilts (R H Harper) Fell 1st-100/6
1901 True Blue (Percy Woodland) Fell-66/1
1891 Emperor (Walter Nightingall) Pulled Up 2nd Bechers-25/1
1882 Wild Monarch (H Andrews) Fell 18th-100/7
1872 Primrose (Mr W R Brockton) Fell 2nd-100/6
1871 Lord Raglan(Mr J Daniels) Fell 1st Canal Turn-100/1
1868 Chimney Sweep (J Adams) Ran Into Boulder Marking Course And Broke Leg-7/1
1863 Telegraph (George Waddington) Fell 5th-50/1
1861 The Conductor (Jack Nightingall) Fell 1st Valentines Brook-40/1
1856 Banstead (Mr W Bevill) Fell 18th-50/1
1855 Miss Mowbray (Sam Darling jnr) Fell 21st-4/1
1854 Bedford (Mr W Eatwell) Fell Valentines Brook-50/1
1849 Kilfane (O Neale) Fell 4th-dna
The Curate (Mr H N Powell) Fell 18th-6/1
Equinox (P Moloney) Fell 19th-dna
1848 Blue Bell (A Allensby) Fell Last Bank-dna
The Sailor (William Holman) Fell Last Bank-dna
Counsellor (J Frisby) Fell Last Bank-25/1
1845 Clansman (Mr J Kelly) Fell-dna
1839 Dictator (Mr Carlin) Fell-dna
Note: Listed are precise details of all fatalities but records during early years of the race, when course was completely different, are sketchy to say the least and in some instances the fence where horses were fatally injured was not recorded for posterity.