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Gold Cup Winners That Ran In the
Grand National (Same Year)

2012 Synchronised (11st 10lbs) Fell 1st Bechers (Ran loose and later suffered fatal injury)
1995 Master Oats (11st 10lbs) 7th
1994 The Fellow (11st 4lbs) Fell
1992 Cool Ground (11st 1lb) 10th
1991 Garrison Savanah (11st 1lb) 2nd
1979 Alverton (10st 13lbs) Fell – Destroyed
1977 Davy Lad (10st 13lbs) Fell
1946 Prince Regent (12st 5lbs) 3rd
1939 Brendans Cottage (11st 2lbs) Fell
1936 Golden Miller (12st 7lbs) Brought Down
1935 Golden Miller (12st 7lbs) Unseated-Rider
1934 Golden Miller (12st 2lbs) WON
1933 Golden Miller (12st 2lbs) Fell
1929 Easter Hero (12st 7lbs) 2nd
1927 Thrown In (11st 10lbs) Fell
1926 Koko (11st 1lb) Fell
1925 Ballinode (11st 6lbs) Fell