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Post War Favourites

2014 Double Seven (Tony McCoy) 3rd-10/1 1982 Grittar (Mr Dick Saunders) WON-7/1
Teaforthree (Nick Scholfield) Unseated Rider The Chair-10/1 1981 Spartan Missile (Mr John Thorne) 2nd-8/1
2013 Seabass (Miss Katie Walsh) 13th-11/2 1980 Rubstic (Maurice Barnes) Fell The Chair-8/1
2012 Seabass (Miss Katie Walsh) 3rd-8/1 1979 Alverton (Jonjo O’Neill) Fell 2nd Bechers-13/2
Shakalakaboomboom (Barry Geraghty) 9th-8/1 1978 Rag Trade (Jonjo O’Neill) Pulled Up 2nd Bechers-8/1
2011 The Midnight Club (Ruby Walsh) 6th-15/2 1977 Andy Pandy (John Burke) Fell 2nd Bechers-15/2
2010 Don’t Push It (Tony McCoy) WON-10/1 1976 Barona (Paul Kelleway) 4th-7/1
Big Fella Thanks (Barry Geraghty) 4th-10/1 1975 Red Rum (Brian Fletcher) 2nd-7/2
2009 Butlers Cabin (Tony McCoy) 7th-7/1 1974 Scout (Tommy Stack) 11th-7/1
2008 Comply Or Die (Timmy Murphy) WON-7/1 1973 Red Rum (Brian Fletcher) WON-9/1
Cloudy Lane (Jason Maguire) 6th-7/1 Crisp (Richard Pitman) 2nd-9/1
2007 Point Barrow (Philip Carberry) Fell 1st-8/1 1972 L’Escargot (Tommy Carberry) Brought Down 3rd-17/2
Monkerhostin (Richard Johnson) Refused 1st Foinavon-8/1 1971 Gay Trip (Terry Biddlecombe) Fell 1st-8/1
Joes Edge (Graham Lee) Pulled Up 20th-8/1 1970 Two Springs (Roy Edwards) Fell 3rd-13/2
2006 Hedgehunter (Ruby Walsh) 2nd-5/1 1969 Red Alligator (Brian Fletcher) Fell 19th-13/2
Clan Royal (Tony McCoy) 3rd-5/1 1968 Different Class (David Mould) 3rd-17/2
2005 Hedgehunter (Ruby Walsh) WON-7/1 1967 Honey End (Josh Gifford) 2nd-15/2
2004 Clan Royal (Liam Cooper) 2nd-10/1 1966 Freddie (Pat McCarron) 2nd-11/4
Joss Naylor (Paul Carberry) Pulled Up 19th-10/1 1965 Freddie (Pat McCarron) 2nd-7/2
Bindaree (Carl Llewellyn) Unseated Rider 1st Bechers-10/1 1964 Pappageno’s Cottage (Pat Taaffe) 10th-100/7
Jurancon II (Tony McCoy) Fell 4th-10/1 Time (Michael Scudamore) Fell-100/7
2003 Shotgun Willy (Ruby Walsh) Pulled Up 21st-7/1 Laffy (Bill Rees) Fell 4th-100/7
2002 Blowing Wind (Tony McCoy) 3rd-8/1 Flying Wild (David Mould) Fell 1st-100/7
2001 Inis Cara (Mr Robert Widger) Fell 4th-10/1 1963 Springbok (Gerry Scott) 5th-10/1
Moral Support (Noel Fehily) Brought Down 1st Canal Turn-10/1 1962 Frenchman’s Cove (Stan Mellor) Brought Down 19th-7/1
Edmond (Richard Johnson) Fell 15th-10/1 1961 Jonjo (Pat Taaffe) 7th-7/1
2000 Dark Stranger (Tony McCoy) Unseated Rider 3rd-9/1 1960 Merryman II (Gerry Scott) WON-13/2
1999 Fiddling The Facts (Mick Fitzgerald) Fell 2nd Bechers-6/1 1959 Mr What (Tom Taaffe) 3rd-6/1
1998 Earth Summit (Carl Llewellyn) WON-7/1 1958 Wyndburgh (M Batchelor) 4th-6/1
1997 Go Ballistic (Mick Fitzgerald) Pulled Up 28th-7/1 1957 Goosander (Harry East) 6th-5/1
1996 Rough Quest (Mick Fitzgerald) WON-7/1 1956 Must (Bobby Morrow) Fell 1st-7/1
1995 Master Oats (Norman Williamson) 7th-5/1 1955 Copp (Tim Molony) Fell-7/1
1994 Moorcroft Boy (Adrian Maguire) 3rd-5/1 1954 Irish Lizard (Michael Scudamore) 3rd-15/2
1992 Docklands Express (Peter Scudamore) 4th-15/2 1953 Little Yid (Jimmy Power) Refused 27th-7/1
1991 Bonanza Boy (Peter Scudamore) 5th-13/2 1952 Freebooter (Bryan Marshall) Fell 2nd Canal Turn-10/1
1990 Brown Windsor (John White) 4th-7/1 1951 Arctic Gold (Tim Molony) Fell-8/1
1989 Dixton House (Tom Morgan) Fell 1st Bechers-7/1 1950 Freebooter (Jimmy Power) WON-10/1
1988 Sacred Path (Clive Cox) Fell 1st-17/2 Roimond (Dick Francis) Fell 1st Canal Turn-10/1
1987 West Tip (Richard Dunwoody) 4th-5/1 1949 Cromwell (2nd Lord Mildmay) 4th-6/1
1986 Mr Snugfit (Phil Tuck) 4th-13/2 1948 Silver Fame (Martin Molony) Fell 1st Bechers-9/1
1985 West Tip (Richard Dunwoody) Fell 2nd Bechers-13/2 1947 Prince Regent (Tim Hyde) 4th-8/1
1984 Greasepaint (Tommy Carmody) 2nd-9/1 1946 Prince Regent (Tim Hyde) 3rd-3/1
1983 Grittar (Paul Barton) 5th-6/1