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Grand National Trainer Records

Listed below, in alphabetical order by surname, is the complete Grand National records of top trainers past and current:

Kim Bailey’s Grand National Record

2014 The Rainbow Hunter (Aidan Coleman) Unseated Rider 1st Valentines-25/1
2013 The Rainbow Hunter (Aidan Coleman) Unseated Rider 1st Canal Turn-50/1
2012 Midnight Haze (Sean Quinlan) 15th-80/1
2007 Longshanks (Tony Dobbin) 7th-14/1
2004 Wonder Weasel (J P McNamara) Pulled Up 27th-200/1
2003 Wonder Weasel (J P McNamara) Fell 3rd-50/1
2002 Supreme Charm (Robert Thornton) 5th-28/1
2001 Supreme Charm (Robert Thornton) Fell The Chair-33/1
2000 Druids Brook (Rupert Wakley) Unseated Rider 12th-66/1
1997 Master Oats (Norman Williamson) 5th-25/1<
Glemot (Simon McNeil) Unseated Rider 1st Foinavon Fence-50/1/td>
1996 Over The Stream (Andrew Thornton) 13th-50/1
1995 Romany King (Mr Marcus Armytage) 6th-40/1
Master Oats (Norman Williamson) 7th-5/1
1994 Master Oats (Norman Williamson) Fell 13th-9/1
1992 Docklands Express (Peter Scudamore) 4th-15/2
1991 Mr Frisk (Mr Marcus Armytage) Pulled Up 2nd Bechers-25/1
Docklands Express (Anthony Tory) Fell 1st-20/1
1990 Mr Frisk (Mr Marcus Armytage) WON-16/1
1986 Late Night Extra (Mr Tim Thomson Jones) Pulled Up 12th-500/1
1983 Menford (Mark Perrett) Refused 19th-100/1

Steve Brookshaw’s Grand National Record

2001 No Retreat (Jason Maguire) Pulled Up 17th-100/1
1997 Lord Gyllene (Tony Dobbin) WON-14/1

Tommy Carberry’s Grand National Record

2000 Bobbyjo (Paul Carberry) 11th-12/1
1999 Bobbyjo (Paul Carberry) WON-10/1
1994 Rust Never Sleeps (Paul Carberry) Fell 27th-66/1
1985 Royal Appointment (P Gill) Unseated Rider 19th-66/1

Gordon Elliott’s Grand National Record

2013 Tarquinius (Wilson Renwick) 8th-100/1
Chicago Grey (Paul Carberry) Pulled Up 30th-11/1
2012 Tharawaat (Brian O’Connell) 8th-125/1
Chicago Grey (Paul Carberry) Brought Down 5th-20/1
2011 Backstage (Paul Carberry) 14th-16/1
2010 Backstage (Davy Condon) Unseated Rider 20th-25/1
2009 Silver Birch (Robbie Power) Fell 2nd Bechers-40/1
2007 Silver Birch (Robbie Power) WON-33/1

David Elsworth’s Grand National Record

1995 Cool Ground (Paul Holley) 11th-50/1
1994 Mighty Falcon (Paul Holley) Unseated Rider 13th-250/1
1992 Ghofar (Hywell Davies) 11th-25/1
Mighty Falcon (Paul Holley) 18th-80/1
1990 Ghofar (Brendan Powell snr) 14th-14/1
1989 Cerimau (Philip Hobbs) Fell 1st-80/1
1988 Rhyme ‘N’ Reason (Brendan Powell snr) WON-10/1
1984 Canford Ginger (Colin Brown) 23rd-100/1
1983 Canford Ginger (J H Davies) Pulled Up Water Jump-33/1

Nicky Henderson’s Grand National Record

2014 Hunt Ball (Andrew Tinkler) 17th-50/1
Shakalakaboomboom (David Bass) Pulled Up 20th-16/1
Triolo d’Alene (Barry Geraghty) Pulled Up 2nd Bechers-16/1
Long Run (Mr Sam Waley-Cohen) Fell 1st Valentines-12/1
2013 Roberto Goldback (Barry Geraghty) Unseated Rider 30th-25/1
2012 Shakalakaboomboom (Barry Geraghty) 9th-8/1
2009 Fleet Street (Andrew Tinkler) Unseated Rider 18th-100/1
Golden Flight (Barry Geraghty) Fell 1st-66/1
2007 Liberthine (Mr Sam Waley-Cohen) 5th-40/1
2006 Iris Royal (Mracus Foley) Pulled Up 17th-100/1
Juveigneur (Mick Fitzgerald) Fell 1st-25/1
2005 Fondmort (Mick Fitzgerald) Pulled Up 28th-50/1
2003 Katarino (Mick Fitzgerald) Unseated Rider The Chair-50/1
2002 Marlborough (Mick Fitzgerald) Fell 1st-20/1
Goguenard (Warren Marston) Fell 1st-66/1
2001 Esprit de Cotte (Tom Doyle) Unseated Rider 11th-33/1
2000 Esprit de Cotte (Mick Fitzgerald) Fell 2nd Bechers-50/1
1999 Fiddling The Facts (Mick Fitzgerald) Fell 2nd Bechers-6/1
1998 Pashto (John Kavanagh) Fell 1st-100/1 (Destroyed)
1995 Tinryland (Mick Fitzgerald) Fell 1st-50/1
1994 Henry Mann (Charlie Swan) Fell 1st-50/1
1992 Brown Windsor (Richard Dunwoody) Fell 1st Bechers-8/1
1991 Ten Of Spades (John White) 14th-15/1
Master Bob (Jamie Osborne) Pulled Up 19th-20/1
1990 Brown Windsor (John White) 4th-7/1
1988 The Tsarevich (John White) 7th-18/1
1987 The Tsarevich (John White) 2nd-20/1
Classified (Steve Smith-Eccles) Unseated Rider 2nd Canal Turn-9/1
1986 The Tsarevich (John White) 7th-16/1
Classified (Steve Smith-Eccles) 3rd-22/1
1985 Classified (John White) 7th-20/1
1984 Spartan Missile (John White) 16th-18/1
1983 Spartan Missile (Hywel Davies) Unseated Rider 2nd Bechers-9/1
1982 Sun Lion (Steve Smith-Eccles) Fell 3rd-50/1
1981 Zongalero (Steve Smith-Eccles) Fell 2nd Bechers-14/1
1980 Zongalero (Steve Smith-Eccles) Refused 20th-11/1
1979 Zongalero (Bob Davies) 2nd-20/1

Philip Hobbs’ Grand National Record

2014 Balthazar King (Richard Johnson) 2nd-14/1
Chance Du Roy (Tom O’Brien) 6th-33/1
2013 Balthazar King (Richard Johnson) 15th-16/1
2012 Planet Of Sound (Richard Johnson) 12th-33/1
2011 Quinz (Richard Johnson) Pulled Up The Chair-14/1
2010 Dream Alliance (Tom O’Brien) Pulled Up 2nd Canal Turn-16/1
2009 Zabenz (Tom O’Brien) Fell Water Jump-100/1
2007 Zabenz (Barry Fenton) Pulled Up 1st Foinavon Fence-66/1
Monkerhostin (Richard Johnson) Refused 1st Foinavon Fence-8/1
2005 Double Honour (Paddy Brennan) Fell 21st-25/1
2004 What’s Up Boys (Richard Johnson) Brought Down 1st Bechers-25/1
2002 What’s Up Boys (Richard Johnson) 2nd-10/1
2001 Village King (Jim Culloty) Brought Down 1st Canal Turn-25/1
2000 Stormy Passage (Andrew Thornton) Fell 2nd Bechers-50/1
Village King (Jim Culloty) Fell 20th-50/1
1999 Samlee (Rodney Farrant) 10th-50/1
Bells Life (Glenn Tormey) Pulled Up 27th-66/1
Mudahim (Brendan Powell snr) Unseated Rider 1st Bechers-100/1
1998 Samlee (Richard Dunwoody) 3rd-8/1
Greenhill Tare Away (Simon McNeil) Unseated Rider 27th-100/1
1995 Gold Cap (Graham McCourt) 13th-50/1
1990 Joint Sovereignty (Lorcan Wyer) Unseated Rider 19th-50/1
Gallic Prince (Mr Jose Simo) 13th-100/1

Donald McCain jnr’s Grand National Record

2014 Across The Bay (Henry Brooke) 14th-50/1
2013 Ballabriggs (Jason Maguire) Pulled Up 2nd Canal Turn-20/1
Weird Al (Timmy Murphy) Pulled Up 2nd Valentines-66/1
Across The Bay (Henry Brooke) 14th-40/1
2012 Ballabriggs (Jason Maguire) 6th-12/1
Weird Al (Timmy Murphy) Fell 27th-28/1
2011 Ballabriggs (Jason Maguire) WON-14/1
2010 Cloudy Lane (Jason Maguire) 8th-25/1
2009 Cloudy Lane (Jason Maguire) Unseated Rider The Chair-50/1
2008 Cloudy Lane (Jason Maguire) 6th-7/1
Idle Talk (Brian Harding) 14th-66/1
2007 Idle Talk (Jason Maguire) Fell 19th-20/1

Donald McCain snr’s Grand National Record

2006 Inca Trail (Brian Harding) 8th-40/1
Amberleigh House (Graham Lee) Pulled Up 21st-50/1
Ebony Light (Stephen Craine) Fell 5th-50/1
2005 Amberleigh House (Graham Lee) 10th-16/1
2004 Amberleigh House (Graham Lee) WON-16/1
2003 Amberleigh House (Graham Lee) 3rd-33/1
2001 Amberleigh House (Warren Marston) Brought Down 1st Canal Turn-150/1
Hanakham (Barry Geraghty) Fell 2nd-100/1
1999 Back Bar (Dean Gallagher) 14th-200/1
Commercial Artist (Tom Jenks) Pulled Up 18th-200/1
1996 Sure Metal (Donald McCain jnr) 17th-200/1
1992 Hotplate (Graham McCourt) Pulled Up 28th-50/1
1991 Hotplate (Peter Niven) Pulled Up 2nd Bechers-80/1
1988 Kumbi (Carl Llewellyn) Fell 2nd Bechers-100/1
1986 Dudie (Kevin Doolan) Fell 1st Bechers-100/1
Imperial Black (Reg Crank) 14th-66/1
1985 Kumbi (Kevin Doolan) Fell 5th-25/1
1984 Kumbi (Kevin Doolan) Fell 19th-100/1
1983 Beacon Time (Jonjo O’Neill) Unseated Rider 20th-25/1
1979 Brown Admiral (Mr T A Rathbone) Brought Down-100/1
Wayward Scot (Roy Davies) Fell 1st-100/1
1977 Red Rum (Tommy Stack) WON-9/1
1976 Red Rum (Tommy Stack) 2nd-10/1
Meredian II (Jonjo O’Neill) Fell 13th-33/1
1975 Red Rum (Brian Fletcher) 2nd-7/2
Ballyath (Jimmy Bourke) Pulled Up 17th-100/1
1974 Red Rum (Brian Fletcher) WON-11/1
Glenkiln (Reg Crank) Fell 19th-50/1
The Tunku (Richard Evans) Pulled Up 17th-100/1
1973 Red Rum (Brian Fletcher) WON-9/1
Glenkiln (Jonjo O’Neill) Fell The Chair-33/1

Jimmy Mangan’s Grand National Record

2010 Conna Castle (Sean Flanagan) Pulled Up 29th-100/1
2009 Himalayan Trail (Paddy Flood) Fell 1st-28/1
2005 Montys Pass (Barry Geraghty) 16th-33/1
2004 Montys Pass (Barry Geraghty) 4th-20/1
2003 Montys Pass (Barry Geraghty) WON-16/1

Arthur Moore’s Grand National Record

2012 Organisedconfusion (Miss Nina Carberry) Unseated Rider 1st Canal Turn-20/1
2010 King Johns Castle (Paul Carberry) Refused To Race-28/1
2008 King Johns Castle (Paul Carberry) 2nd-20/1
2006 Native Upmanship (Conor O’Dwyer) Refused 27th-100/1
2005 Glenelly Gale (Mr Tom Greenall) Pulled Up 28th-100/1
Marcus Du Berlais (Barry Cash) Unseated Rider 2nd Bechers-25/1
2002 Lyreen Wonder (Barry Cash) Unseated Rider 20th-40/1
1997 Feathered Gale (Francis Woods) Pulled Up 27th-16/1
Wylde Hide (Charlie Swan) Unseated Rider 2nd Bechers-100/1
Back Bar (Tom Treacy) Fell 1st Foinavon Fence-100/1
1996 Wylde Hide (Francis Woods) Unseated Rider 2nd Canal Turn-12/1
1994 New Mill House (Trevor Horgan) Fell 1st Bechers-150/1
1990 Thinking Cap (P L Malone) Fell 3rd-100/1
1985 Clonthturtin (Mr Tim Thomson Jones) Pulled Up 2nd Canal Turn-50/1
1984 Clonthturtin (Mr Tom Taaffe) Fell 1st Bechers-100/1
1982 Mullacurry (Mr Tom Taaffe) Fell 1st-16/1

Willie Mullins’ Grand National Record

2014 Vesper Bell (Miss Katie Walsh) 13th-40/1
Prince De Beauchene (Paul Townend) 16th-20/1
2013 Quiscover Fontaine (David Casey) 16th-40/1
On His Own (Ruby Walsh) Fell 2nd Valentines-8/1
Quel Esprite (Paul Townend) Pulled Up 24th-40/1
2012 The Midnight Club (Andrew Tinkler) 11th-40/1
On His Own (Paul Townend) Fell 2nd Bechers-14/1
Quiscover Fontaine (David Casey) Fell 17th-50/1
2011 The Midnight Club (Ruby Walsh) 6th-15/2
Arbor Supreme (David Casey) Fell 28th-20/1
Dooneys Gate (Mr Patrick Mullins) Fell 1st Bechers-50/1 (Destroyed)
2010 Snowy Morning (David Casey) 6th-14/1
Arbor Supreme (Paul Townend) Unseated Rider The Chair-16/1
2009 Snowy Morning (Andrew McNamara) 9th-33/1
Irish Invader (Paul Townend) 11th-16/1
2008 Snowy Morning (David Casey) 3rd-16/1
Hedgehunter (Ruby Walsh) 13th-10/1
2007 Hedgehunter (Ruby Walsh) 9th-9/1
Bothar Na (David Casey) Pulled Up 29th-20/1
Livingstonebramble (Davy Russell) Unseated Rider 1st Bechers-100/1
Homer Wells (Davie Condon) Pulled Up 2nd Bechers-33/1
2006 Hedgehunter (Ruby Walsh) 2nd-5/1
2005 Hedgehunter (Ruby Walsh) WON-7/1
2004 Hedgehunter (David Casey) Fell 30th-11/1
Alexander Banquet (Shay Barry) Fell 18th-100/1
2002 Alexander Banquet (Barry Gerghty) Unseated Rider 1st Bechers-22/1
2000 Mickos Dream (Jason Titley) Fell 1st-14/1

Dr Richard Newland’s Grand National Record

2014 Pineau De Re (Leighton Aspell) WON-25/1

Paul Nicholls’ Grand National Record

2014 Rocky Creek (Noel Fehily) 5th-16/1
Hawkes Point (Ryan Mahon) 18th-50/1
Tidal Bay (Sam Twiston-Davies) Unseated Rider 1st Canal Turn-16/1
2013 Join Together (Daryl Jacob) 12th-25/1
Harry The Viking (Ryan Mahon) Pulled Up 26th-40/1
What A Friend (Sam Thomas) Pulled Up 19th-33/1
2012 Neptune Collonges (Daryl Jacob) WON-33/1
2011 Niche Market (Harry Skelton) 5th-16/1
What A Friend (Daryl Jacob) Pulled Up 27th-12/1
The Tother One (Ryan Mahon) Fell 1st Bechers-50/1
Ornais (Nick Scholfield) Fell 14th-100/1 (Destroyed)
2010 Big Fella Thanks (Barry Geraghty) 4th-10/1
Tricky Trickster (Richard Johnson) 9th-16/1
Nozic (Liam Treadwell) Unseated Rider 20th-40/1
My Will (Nick Scholfield) Fell 4th-20/1
2009 My Will (Ruby Walsh) 3rd-8/1
Big Fella Thanks (Christian Williams) 6th-14/1
Cornish Sett (Nick Scholfield) 17th-33/1
Eurotrek (Sam Thomas) Pulled Up 17th-80/1
2008 Cornish Sett (Nick Scholfield) 12th-80/1
Mr Pointment (Sam Thomas) Pulled Up 30th-25/1
Turko (Richard Johnson) Fell 2nd Valentines-33/1
2007 Thisthatandtother (Jamie Moore) Pulled Up 30th-50/1
Eurotrek (Liam Heard) Pulled Up 2nd Bechers-16/1
Royal Auclair (Joe Tizzard) Fell 1st Valentines-33/1
Le Duc (Dominic Elsworth) Unseated Rider 1st Bechers-66/1
2006 Le Roi Miguel (Liam Heard) Pulled Up 19th-150/1
Cornish Rebel (Joe Tizzard) Pulled Up 19th-22/1
Silver Birch (Sam Thomas) Fell The Chair-40/1
Heroes Collonges (John McNamara) Unseated Rider The Chair-66/1
Le Duc (Jamie Moore) Unseated Rider 1st Canal Turn-33/1
Royal Auclair (Christian Williams) Fell 1st-33/1
2005 Royal Auclair (Christian Williams) 2nd-40/1
Heroes Collonges (John McNamara) 8th-66/1
L’Aventure (Bobby McNally) 15th-66/1
Ad Hoc (Joe Tizzard) Fell 2nd Bechers-33/1
2004 Exit To Wave (Bobby McNally) Pulled Up 1st Valentines-50/1
2003 Montifault (Joe Tizzard) 5th-33/1
Torduff Express (Timmy Murphy) Unseated Rider 27th-33/1
Shotgun Willy (Ruby Walsh) Pulled Up 2nd Bechers-7/1
Ad Hoc (Paul Carberry) Unseated Rider 19th-9/1
Fadalko (Seamus Durack) Unseated Rider 1st Bechers-100/1
2002 Ad Hoc (Paul Carberry) Brought Down 27th-10/1
Murt’s Man (Andrew Thornton) Pulled Up 17th-66/1
2001 Earthmover (Joe Tizzard) Unseated Rider 4th-22/1
2000 Escartefigue (Jimmy McCarthy) Unseated Rider 30th-50/1
Flaked Oats (Timmy Murphy) Fell 20th-50/1
Torduff Express (Robert Thornton) Fell 13th-50/1
Earthmover (Joe Tizzard) Fell 4th-14/1
1999 Strong Chairman (Robert Thornton) 15th-50/1
Double Thriller (Joe Tizzard) Fell 1st-7/1
1998 Court Melody (Timmy Murphy) Fell 1st Bechers-25/1
General Crack (Joe Tizzard) Pulled Up 11th-40/1
What A Hand (Chris Maude) Fell 1st-66/1
1997 Straight Talk (Joe Tizzard) Fell 14th-50/1 (Destroyed)
1996 Vicompt De Valmont (Philip Hide) 10th-22/1
Deep Bramble (Tony McCoy) Pulled Up 29th-12/1
Brackenfield (Guy Lewis) Unseated Rider 19th-100/1
1992 Just So (Simon Burrough) 6th-50/1

Jonjo O’Neill’s Grand National Record

2014 Burton Port (Brian Harding) Unseated Rider 2nd-16/1
Twirling Magnet (Richie McLernon) Fell 1st-100/1
2013 Sunnyhillboy (Richie McLernon) Unseated Rider 30th-20/1
Lost Glory (Mark Walsh) Pulled Up 17th-50/1
2012 Sunnyhillboy (Richie McLernon) 2nd-16/1
Arbor Supreme (Mike Walsh) Unseated Rider 10th-100/1
Synchronised (Tony McCoy) Fell 1st Bechers-10/1 (Ran loose and later suffered fatal injury)
2011 Don’t Push It (Tony McCoy) 3rd-9/1
Can’t Buy Time (Richie McLernon) Fell 18th-33/1
Quolibet (Mark Walsh) Unseated Rider 11th-100/1
2010 Don’t Push It (Tony McCoy) WON-10/1
Can’t Buy Time (Richie McLernon) Fell 1st Canal Turn-33/1
2009 Butler’s Cabin (Tony McCoy) 7th-7/1
Can’t Buy Time (Noel Fehily) Fell 18th-33/1
Reveillez (Mark Walsh) Brought Down 3rd-100/1
2008 Butler’s Cabin (Tony McCoy) Fell 2nd Bechers-10/1
Bob Hall (Noel Fehily) Pulled Up 19th-100/1
2007 Clan Royal (Mr T J McNamara) 11th-33/1
2006 Clan Royal (Tony McCoy) 3rd-5/1
2005 Simply Gifted (Brian Harding) 3rd-66/1
Shamawan (Shay Barry) 21st-200/1
Clan Royal (Tony McCoy) Carried Out 2nd Bechers-9/1
Native Emperor (Dominic Elsworth) Unseated Rider 1st Valentines-100/1
2004 Clan Royal (Liam Cooper) 2nd-10/1
Joss Naylor (Paul Carberry) Pulled Up 19th-10/1
2003 Carbury Cross (Liam Cooper) 7th-25/1

David Pipe’s Grand National Record

2014 Swing Bill (Conor O’Farrell) 9th-66/1
The Package (Tom Scudamore) 12th-14/1
Our Father (Denis O’Regan) Unseated Rider 1st Canal Turn-25/1
2013 Swing Bill (Conor O’Farrell) 6th-80/1
2012 Swing Bill (Colin O’Farrell) 10th-100/1
Junior (Tom Scudamore) Fell 2nd-16/1
2011 Piraya (Johnny Farrelly) 19th-100/1
Comply Or Die (Timmy Murphy) Pulled Up 29th-25/1
Or Noir De Somoza (Barry Geraghty) Fell 1st Bechers-50/1
2010 Comply Or Die (Timmy Murphy) 12th-12/1
Piraya (Johnny Farrelly) 13th-100/1
Madison Du Berlais (Tom Scudamore) Fell 19th-50/1
The Package (Graham Lee) Unseated Rider 19th-14/1
Pablo Du Charmil (Danny Cook) Fell 2nd-100/1
2009 Comply Or Die (Timmy Murphy) 2nd-14/1
Arteea (Johnny Farrelly) 10th-200/1
2008 Comply Or Die (Timmy Murphy) WON-7/1
Milan Deux Mille (Tom Mallone) 15th-125/1
Joacci (Johnny Farrelly) 20th-66/1
Vodka Bleu (Paul Moloney) Pulled Up 19th-20/1
Madison Du Berlais (Tom Scudamore) Fell 1st Canal Turn-66/1
2007 Puntal (Tom Scudamore) 8th-80/1
Celtic Son (Timmy Murphy) Pulled Up 2nd Bechers-50/1

Martin Pipe’s Grand National Record

2006 Puntal (Barry Geraghty) 6th-66/1
It Takes Time (Timmy Murphy) Pulled Up 29th-50/1
Therealbandit (Richard Johnson) Pulled Up 27th-50/1
Iznogoud (Tom Scudamore) Pulled Up 27th-200/1
Whispered Secret (Rodi Greene) Unseated Rider 1st-100/1
2005 It Takes Time (Timmy Murphy) 4th-18/1
Iznogoud (Tom Scudamore) 12th-125/1
Polar Red (Tom Malone) 13th-100/1
Lord Atterbury (Mark Bradburne) Fell 1st-25/1
2004 Lord Atterbury (Mark Bradburne) 3rd-40/1
Blowing Wind (Jimmy McCarthy) Refused 1st Bechers-33/1
Bounce Back (Andrew Thornton) Fell 1st Bechers-50/1
Akarus (Rodi Greene) Fell 1st Bechers-33/1
Montreal (Joey Elliott) Fell 1st Bechers-200/1
Puntal (Danny Howard) Unseated Rider 19th-150/1
Jurancon II (Tony McCoy) Fell 4th-10/1
2003 Blowing Wind (Tom Scudamore) 8th-20/1
Majed (Rodi Greene) 12th-200/1
Royal Predica (Jamie Moore) 13th-33/1
Polar Champ (Danny Howard) Unseated Rider 1st Canal Turn-200/1
Burlu (Gerry Supple) Fell 2nd Bechers-200/1
You’re Agoodun (Robert Thornton) Unseated Rider 19th-50/1
Iris Bleu (Tony McCoy) Pulled Up Water Jump-8/1
2002 Blowing Wind (Tony McCoy) 3rd-8/1
You’re Agoodun (Jason Kavanagh) 7th-50/1
Royal Predica (Jimmy McCarthy) 8th-80/1
Manx Magic (Gerry Supple) Fell 20th-100/1 (Destroyed)
Majed (Barry Fenton) Fell 2nd Bechers-66/1
Carryonharry (Rupert Wakley) Fell 1st-66/1
Iris Bleu (Paul Moloney) Fell 5th-100/1
Gun’N Roses II (Marcus Foley) Fell 1st Foinavon Fence-100/1
2001 Blowing Wind (Tony McCoy) 3rd-16/1
Strong Tel (David Casey) Fell 1st Bechers-33/1
Moondigua (Shay Barry) Unseated Rider The Chair-100/1
Northern Starlight (Tom Scudamore) Unseated Rider 1st Bechers-50/1
You’re Agoodun (Rupert Wakley) Brought Down 1st Canal Turn-28/1
Dark Stranger (Kieran Kelly) Refused 1st Canal Turn-25/1
Exit Swinger (Chris Maude) Fell 1st Bechers-50/1
Art Prince (Jim Crowley) Fell 1st-150/1
Kaki Crazy (Rodney Farrant) Fell 3rd-66/1
Tresor De Mai (Rodi Greene) Fell 2nd-66/1
2000 Dark Stranger (Tony McCoy) Unseated Rider 3rd-9/1
Art Prince (Dean Gallagher) Fell 1st-100/1
Royal Predica (Glenn Tormey) Fell 1st-50/1
1999 Eudipe (Tony McCoy) Fell 2nd Bechers-10/1 (Destroyed)
Cyborgo (Conor O’Dwyer) Pulled Up 19th-50/1
St Mellion Fairway (Jimmy Frost) 9th-200/1
Tamarindo (Timmy Murphy) Fell 1st Bechers-66/1
1998 Decyborg (Paul Carberry) Pulled Up 27th-200/1
Pond House (Tom Dascombe) Pulled Up The Chair-66/1
Damas (Jamie Evans) Refused 11th-200/1
Challenger De Luc (Tony McCoy) Fell 1st-12/1
Diwali Dancer (Robert Thornton) Fell 1st-100/1
1997 Evangelica (Robbie Supple) 17th-33/1
Mugoni Beach (Glenn Tormey) Pulled Up 21st-100/1
1996 Encore Un Peu (David Bridgewater) 2nd-14/1
Riverside Boy (David Walsh) 12th-66/1
Chatam (Jonathan Lower) Pulled Up 5th-40/1
1995 Riverside Boy (Charlie Swan) 8th-40/1
Minnehoma (Richard Dunwoody) Pulled Up 21st-11/1
Chatam (Tony McCoy) Fell 12th-25/1
Errant Knight (Mark Perrett) Unseated Rider 1st-75/1
1994 Minnehoma (Richard Dunwoody) WON-16/1
Roc De Prince (Jonathan Lower) 6th-100/1
Riverside Boy (Charlie Swan) Refused 18th-33/1
Run For Free (Mark Perrett) Refused 17th-25/1
Pacos Boy (Martin Foster) Pulled Up 17th-200/1
1992 Bonanza Boy (Steve Smith-Eccles) Unseated Rider 19th-25/1
Huntsworth (Mark Richards) Pulled Up 17th-66/1
Omerta (Lorcan Wyer) Pulled Up 1st Foinavon Fence-33/1
1991 Bonanza Boy (Peter Scudamore) 5th-13/2
Huntsworth (Mr P Walter) Pulled Up 2nd Valentines-50/1
1990 Bonanza Boy (Peter Scudamore) 16th-16/1
Stars Delight (Jonathan Lower) Pulled Up 13th-50/1
Torside (Jimmy Frost) Pulled Up 1st Bechers-66/1
Huntsworth (Mr P Walter) Fell The Chair-66/1

Jenny Pitman’s Grand National Record

1999 Nahthen Lad (Andrew Thornton) 11th-14/1
1998 Nahthen Lad (Rodney Farrant) Unseated Rider 11th-13/1
1997 Nahthen Lad (Jason Titley) 9th-14/1
Smith’s Band (Richard Dunwoody) Fell 20th-12/1 (Destroyed)
1996 Superior Finish (Richard Dunwoody) 3rd-9/1
Lusty Light (Warren Marston) 16th-14/1
1995 Royal Athlete (Jason Titley) WON-40/1
Garrison Savannah (Warren Marston) 9th-16/1
Do Be Brief (Brendan Powell snr) Fell 20th-66/1
Esha Ness (John White) Fell 12th-50/1
Superior Finish (Peter Niven) Unseated Rider 10th-33/1
Lusty Light (Rodney Farrant) Fell 1st-12/1
1994 Garrison Savannah (Jamie Osborne) Refused 17th-25/1
1992 Willsford (Michael Bowlby) 20th-16/1
Team Challenge (Ben de Haan) 21st-100/1
1991 Garrison Savannah (Mark Pitman) 2nd-7/1
Golden Freeze (Michael Bowlby) 17th-40/1
Abba Lad (Dean Gallagher) Pulled Up 17th-250/1
Team Challenge (Ben de Haan) Refused 19th-50/1
1990 Team Challenge (Ben de Haan) 11th-50/1
Mick’s Star (Simon O’Neill) 19th-66/1
Gainsay (Mark Pitman) Fell 14th-66/1
1989 Team Challenge (Michael Bowlby) 9th-30/1
Gainsay (Mark Pitman) Fell 1st Valentines-25/1
1988 Smith’s Man (Mark Perrett) Pulled Up 3rd-50/1
1987 Smith’s Man (Mark Perrett) 11th-14/1
Corbiere (Ben de Haan) 12th-12/1
1986 Corbiere (Ben de Haan) Fell 4th-14/1
1985 Corbiere (Peter Scudamore) 3rd-9/1
1984 Corbiere (Ben de Haan) 3rd-16/1
1983 Corbiere (Ben de Haan) WON-13/1
Artistic Prince (Colin Brown) Refused 19th-66/1
Monty Python (P O’Brien) Refused The Chair-150/1
1982 Artistic Prince (Colin Brown) Fell 1st-50/1
Monty Python (Ben de Haan) Refused 2nd Bechers-66/1
1981 Lord Gulliver (Colin Brown) Fell 13th-50/1
1979 Artistic Prince (Philip Blacker) Fell 26th-25/1
1978 The Songwriter (Brian Smart) 8th-50/1
1977 The Songwriter (Brian Smart) Pulled Up 2nd Bechers-200/1

Sue Smith’s Grand National Record

2014 Mr Moonshine (Ryan Mania) 15th-20/1
Vintage Star (Brian Hughes) Pulled Up 26th-50/1
2013 Auroras Encore (Ryan Mania) WON-66/1
Mr Moonshine (Peter Buchanan) Pulled Up 27th-66/1
2006 Ross Comm (Dominic Elsworth) Fell 4th-16/1
2004 Artic Jack (Dominic Elsworth) Fell 1st-20/1
Ardent Scout (Warren Marston) 7th-50/1
2003 Goguenard (Warren Marston) Brought Down 19th-28/1 Destroyed
2002 The Last Fling (Richard McGrath) Fell 2nd Canal Turn-40/1 Destroyed
2001 The Last Fling (Seamus Durack) Unseated Rider 5th-20/1
2000 The Last Fling (Seamus Durack) Unseated Rider 7th-14/1

Andy Turnell’s Grand National Record

1995 Country Member (Luke Harvey) Fell 1st-11/1
1992 Kittinger (Ian Lawrence) Refused 2nd Canal Turn-200/1
1988 Tracys Special (Steve Knight) Pulled Up 20th-33/1
1987 Maori Venture (Steve Knight) WON-28/1
Tracys Special (Simon McNeill) 6th-50/1
1986 Tracys Special (Steve Knight) Brought Down 1st Valentines-150/1

Nigel Twiston-Davies’ Grand National Record

2013 Major Malarkey (Tom Scudamore) 11th-50/1
Imperial Commander (Sam Twiston-Davies) Pulled Up 2nd Bechers-11/1
Viking Blond (Adam Wedge) Pulled Up The Chair-66/1
2012 Hello Bud (Sam Twiston-Davies) 7th-33/1
Viking Blond (Brian Hughes) Fell 1st-80/1
2011 Hello Bud (Sam Twiston-Davies) Pulled Up 29th-20/1
Grand Slam Hero (Aidan Coleman) Fell 13th-66/1
2010 Hello Bud (Sam Twiston-Davies) 5th-20/1
Ollie Magern (Tom Molloy) Pulled Up 29th-100/1
Ballyfitz (David England) Fell 2nd Bechers-50/1
Beat The Boys (Brian Hughes) Pulled Up 19th-25/1
Irish Raptor (Paddy Brennan) Fell 14th-33/1
2009 Battlecry (Tom Scudamore) 16th-33/1
Fundamentalist (David England) Pulled Up 21st-100/1
Knowhere (Paddy Brennan) Pulled Up 2nd Valentines-50/1
Ollie Magern (Mr Sam Waley-Cohen) Fell 2nd-66/1
2008 Knowhere (Joe Tizzard) Unseated Rider 2nd Valentines-66/1
Naunton Brook (Andrew Tinkler) Pulled Up 19th-66/1
Ardaghey (David England) Fell 4th-100/1
Fundamentalist (Paddy Brennan) Fell 3rd-66/1
2007 Naunton Brook (Noel Fehily) Pulled Up 2nd Foinavon Fence-125/1
Knowhere (Tom Doyle) Unseated Rider 1st Canal Turn-100/1
2006 Baron Windrush (Carl Llewellyn) Unseated Rider 3rd-66/1
2005 Bindaree (Carl Llewellyn) 11th-33/1
2004 Bindaree (Carl Llewellyn) Unseated Rider 1st Bechers-10/1
Shardam (Tom Scudamore) Unseated Rider 3rd-18/1
2003 Bindaree (Carl Llewellyn) 6th-25/1
2002 Bindaree (Jim Culloty) WON-20/1
Beau (Carl Llewellyn) Unseated Rider 14th-11/1
Frantic Tan (Tom Jenks) Unseated Rider 5th-50/1
2001 Beau (Carl Llewellyn) Unseated Rider 20th-12/1
Spanish Main (Jamie Goldstein) Unseated Rider 1st-25/1
2000 Camelot Knight (Ollie McPhail) 15th-150/1
1999 Earth Summit (Carl Llewellyn) 8th-16/1
Camelot Knight (Chris Maude) Brought Down 2nd Bechers-200/1
1998 Earth Summit (Carl Llewellyn) WON-7/1
1997 Camelot Knight (Carl Llewellyn) 3rd-100/1
Dakyns Boy (Timmy Murphy) 8th-100/1
Grange Brake (David Walsh) Refused 27th-100/1
1996 Young Hustler (Chris Maude) 5th-8/1
Captain Dibble (Tom Jenks) 11th-40/1
1995 Camelot Knight (Mr Mark Rimell) Fell 21st-66/1
Dakyns Boy (Tom Jenks) Unseated Rider 10th-50/1
Young Hustler (Carl Llewellyn) Unseated Rider 3rd-10/1
1994 Young Hustler (David Bridgewater) Brought Down 11th-16/1

Ted Walsh’s Grand National Record

2013 Seabass (Miss Katie Walsh) 13th-11/2
Colbert Station (Tony McCoy) Unseated Rider The Chair-12/1
2012 Seabass (Miss Katie Walsh) 3rd-8/1
2009 Southern Vic (Niall Madden jnr) 8th-33/1
2007 Jack High (Richard McGrath) Fell 1st Bechers-33/1
2006 Rince Ri (Andrew McNamara) Refused 27th-100/1
Jack High (David Casey) Unseated Rider 15th-9/1
2001 Papillon (Ruby Walsh) 4th-14/1
2000 Papillon (Ruby Walsh) WON-10/1
1992 Roc de Prince (Charlie Swan) 17th-40/1

Venetia Williams’s Grand National Record

2012 Mon Mome (Aidan Coleman) Pulled Up 2nd Bechers-50/1
2010 Mon Mome (Aidan Coleman) Fell 26th-14/1
Flintoff (Andrew Tinkler) Pulled Up 21st-50/1
2009 Mon Mome (Liam Treadwell) WON-100/1
Stan (Aidan Coleman) Fell 1st Foinavon Fence-50/1
2008 Mon Mome (Aidan Coleman) 10th-28/1
2007 Sonevafushi (Mr Tom Greenall) Pulled Up 29th-150/1
The Outlier (Paul O’Neill) Fell 19th-125/1
2004 Bramblehill Duke (James Davies) Unseated Rider 1st Bechers-200/1
2003 Bramblehill Duke (Brian Crowley) Fell 2nd-200/1
2002 Inis Cara (Brian Crowley) Pulled Up 2nd Valentines-66/1
2001 General Wolfe (Brian Crowley) Brought Down 1st Canal Turn-50/1
Inis Cara (Mr Robert Widger) Fell 4th-10/1
2000 Kingdom Of Shades (Tom Jenks) 16th-50/1
1999 General Wolfe (Norman Williamson) 12th-18/1
1998 Celtic Abbey (Norman Williamson) Fell 5th-33/1
1997 Celtic Abbey (Richard Johnson) Unseated Rider The Chair
Don’t Light Up (Robert Thornton) Fell 13th-100/1