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Women Riders in the Grand National

2014 Miss Katie Walsh (Vesper Bell) 13th-40/1
2013 Miss Katie Walsh (Seabass) 13th-11/2
2012 Nina Carberry (Organisedconfusion) Unseated Rider 1st Canal Turn-20/1
Katie Walsh (Seabass) 3rd-8/1
2011 Nina Carberry (Character Building) 15th-25/1
2010 Nina Carberry (Character Building) 7th-16/1
2006 Nina Carberry (Forest Gunner) 9th-33/1
2005 Carrie Ford (Forest Gunner) 5th-8/1
1994 Rosemary Henderson (Fiddlers Pike) 5th-100/1
1989 Tarnya Davis (Numerate) Pulled Up 21st-100/1
1988 Gee Armytage (Gee A) Pulled Up 26th-33/1
Venetia Williams (Marcolo) Fell 1st Bechers-200/1
Penny Fitche-Heyes (Hettinger) Fell 1st-200/1
1987 Jacqui Oliver (Eamons Owen) Unseated Rider The Chair-200/1
1984 Vicki Alder (Bush Guide) Fell 1st Canal Turn-33/1
1983 Joy Carrier (King Spruce) Unseated Rider 1st Bechers-28/1
Geraldine Rees (Midday Welcome) Fell 1st-500/1
1982 Geraldine Rees (Cheers) 8th-66/1
Charlotte Brew (Martinstown) Unseated Rider 3rd-100/1
1981 Linda Sheedy (Deiopea) Refused 19th-100/1
1980 Jenny Hambrow (Sandwilan) Pulled Up 19th-100/1
1979 Jenny Hambrow (Sandwilan) Fell 1st-100/1
1977 Charlotte Brew (Barony Fort) Refused 27th-200/1